The Wedding Photography Checklist


Our job as photographers is to be able to tell a story with photos throughout your wedding day that you won’t want to miss.  From bridal preparations to the last dance of the evening.   This list isn't meant to the be the end all but is a great place to get started.   


Catherine and Charlie Wedding-2320-2Catherine and Charlie Wedding-2320-2

Getting Ready

Bridal preparations usual start with photographing some of your wedding items in a nice arrangement.  Even the smallest details can hold meaning and significance on such a big day. Requesting a few images of the accessories that complete the outfits of both bride and groom can add the subtleties that round out the getting ready story.


Newport Regatta Wedding-Newport Regatta Wedding-

Can also include a few shots of preparations before the dress goes on.





Always a great addition to these pre-ceremony moments is photos of the bridesmaid with the bride and groomsmen with the groom.


Rebecca-3869Rebecca-3869 From this point we would transition into moments of reflection which is one of my most favorite times of your wedding day!!



Sarah and Reggie Wedding--5Sarah and Reggie Wedding--5

Now everyone is dressed and ready for the next phase.   There are a couple of ways to do this depending on what your idea of perfect day is but the most popular that I have seen is the following....


First Looks


Bride and Groom Portraits



Bridal Party

Ali--8Ali--8 Erin--13Erin--13 Erin--14Erin--14 Family Portraits

Cora and Nick Wedding-0856Cora and Nick Wedding-0856 Sebastian and Rebecca Wedding-8021Sebastian and Rebecca Wedding-8021


The Ceremony

Now that we have our main portrait sessions accomplished we can move on to "The Ceremony" starting with walking down the aisle!!


Erin and Matt Wedding-5982Erin and Matt Wedding-5982

Erin and Matt Wedding-6061Erin and Matt Wedding-6061 Sarah and Reggie Wedding-6419Sarah and Reggie Wedding-6419 Ali and Miles Wedding-6564Ali and Miles Wedding-6564 Ali and Miles Wedding-8868Ali and Miles Wedding-8868

The Reception

Photographs for receptions can vary depending on your plan so here are a few typical shots that seem to be somewhat mainstream.

Reception Entrance

Cat and Brian Wedding-6952Cat and Brian Wedding-6952 Dances

Bride and Groom First Dance

Sebastian and Rebecca Wedding-4387Sebastian and Rebecca Wedding-4387 Edrich and Jerry Wedding-6961-2Edrich and Jerry Wedding-6961-2

Daddy Daughter Dance

Derek and Megs Wedding-0539Derek and Megs Wedding-0539

Son and Mother Dance

Derek and Megs Wedding-0917Derek and Megs Wedding-0917


Erin and Matt Wedding--91Erin and Matt Wedding--91 Cake Cutting

Cora and Nick Wedding-1266Cora and Nick Wedding-1266

General Dancing

Ali-9355Ali-9355 And Always the Decor

toni_joe-0583toni_joe-0583 Erin and Matt Wedding-2-3Erin and Matt Wedding-2-3 Erin and Matt Wedding-4094Erin and Matt Wedding-4094 Erin and Matt Wedding-4096Erin and Matt Wedding-4096 And Lastly the Send Off

Ashley and Joe Wedding-4006Ashley and Joe Wedding-4006

All of this of course is not the end all list of shots but after shooting hundreds of weddings this seems to cover the majority.   It's always best to have a shot list of family members that you want to photograph so nothing gets missed.  Most weddings we use 2 shooters so we don't miss anything from your very special day.  


We'd like to get to know you better and learn more about your wedding day.  We can schedule a phone or zoom meeting to discuss or you can fill out our wedding form online at


We hope you enjoyed this wedding photography guide.   Please feel free to share with your family and friends.  


All the best to you on your wedding day!!!


John Klippel